Lady V

From Circle Of The Crone

Player - D

Current Name - Vivian

Known Aliases from the past - Almost anything that starts with a V.

Age - Know Elder. Sometimes referred to as 'older than dirt.'

Primary Location - Washington, D.C. As the former Prince of Washington, D.C. Lady V still maintains an active presence in the city. While she has become more reclusive within her home, she still spends most of her time there. Through interaction with V it is clear that the city has great meaning for her.

Secondary Location - Key Vee, South Florida. A private island in the Florida Keys, this is a 'working retreat.' Rather than Washington D.C., her home, this is a place where the bread and butter of vamperic kind is consumed - politics.

Covenant inductees/Former Students - Moll White, Keely, Gabriel Neige, Yamagami, Madame Latour

Specialties - Overarching knowledge of religion and how sects fit in with the Crone. Old and forgotten rituals. Evil overlords. Political intrigue.

Brief Blurb - V - or Vivian, as she is currently known - is a quick witted creature with a preference for pink. Her flippant mannerisms and 'tee hee' voice cover a sharp intellect and a mind that holds many of the covenants secrets. Before her current incarnation (which seems to have appeared shortly after WWII) V was more of a background creature. She served the same role of diplomat and secret keeper, but did so from a behind the scenes 'king maker' position, rather than the current 'spotlight' strategy.

Traditionally, V has been known to partner with other vampires exclusively for long periods of time. Vivian has not held true to this cycle, maintaining several lovers in multiple places. It is also rumored that her sexual orientation has shifted. No matter how embroiled she becomes in these lovers lives, she has always remained - first and formost - loyal to the Circle.

Wherever anything is going on, V is there. She knows everyone. Her recent flippant 'tee hee' grates on the nerves of some, but her effectiveness and service to the Circle is without question.

Rumors and Stories If you or your PC has heard rumors or stories about Lady V, feel free to post them below here.

  • Lady V is rumored to be the Sire of Jared Cade.
  • Lady V is rumored to be the lover of Jared Cade.
  • Lady V is rumored to be the lover of Suren-Gal.
  • Lady V wears pink because she lost a bet with Lucifer.
  • Lady V has not been seen without pink on her for over 50 years. Asking her about it is a good way to get either a really flippant answer, or frenzy.
  • Lady V was the archetype for Cruella DeVille of 101 Dalmations fame. Ever see the coats she wears? Hundreds of innocent kittens slaughtered for them. No, really.
  • Lady V is rumored to hold a portion of Cade's soul within her, which will activate, possessing 'her' next after his destruction in Tampa.
  • Lady V is simultaneously feared, loved, hated, and admired, as well as being thought flighty, scary, intense, and downright confusing.
  • Lady V is rumored to have found her eldest childe as the only male lover to be worthy.
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